Renvoi international claims
We offer our clients a broad range of claims management services, giving them the benefit of reaching their desired solution without dealing with multiple organizations. Most of our clients are insurance companies and individuals around the world and mainly Western Europe. Moreover, the damage claims procedures in Turkey differ greatly from that of Western Europe. Our staff consists of professionals that are familiar with both regions allowing them to carry out their profession without any difficulties.
Renvoi International provides complete claim solutions for insurance companies and other organizations with the following fields of expertise; Loss adjusters analyzing special policy provisions to address loss of use, expediting expenses, additional expense coverage and business interruption, including research & investigation and origin of liability on any occurrence to serve our marine and non-marine clients, as well as dealing with the Green Card system, Disputes, Product Liability, and Medical policy claims.

Recovery services & subrogation management
Our recovery services typically eliminate the need for expensive litigation, and the use of insurance solicitors to collect from responsible third parties. We ensure that any claim recovery is quickly sought through after the party where liability has been established is properly identified. In addition to loss inspection, Renvoi Law Firm provides extensive service with regards to potential loss situations prior to their occurrence.

  • Determining third-party accountability
  • Securing proper documentation
  • Maintaining confidential database and customizing reports
  • Utilization of experts
  • Recovery without litigation

Key Benefits ;

  • Presence at a place of occurrence to deal with the collection of recoverable proceeds
  • Working familiarity with the local court systems and local culture.
  • Protection of subrogation rights.


Debt collection

Our one of the first priorities is to communicate with our clients in respect of informing our client with a statute report every 20 days. In this way, our clients can follow the latest updates about the debtor and the case. Our clients can enjoy our high expertise in this area as we handle international claims on a regular basis, we are able to provide the best possible fees for our clients. In case any problem occurs for payment of a debt, we can assist you with the solution of the problem by interfering and collecting the debt.


Collection Procedure

As global trade is growing, the growth also reflects legal problems regarding the debt collection. The issue in the hand should be solved in accordance to commercial culture, norms and laws of the host country. Initiating recovery of debt can result in an economic loss but also a deduction on the credit rate. In this case, it can be possible to recover the debt by either settling with the debtor or using every possible method to litigation. Besides that, at the meetings with the debtor, it is required to find the best solution for alternative ways of debt collection. The preparation of a report on the risk analysis on the debtor through broad and financial databases can be useful for following the debt collection. For this reason, it is important to work with specialized lawyers and consultants on the legislation where the debtor is located.


Amicable Settlement:

The procedure of debt collection is consisting of mainly two stages. In the first step, locating and making an investigation about the debtor and subsequently settle an agreement in an informal way. Following this settlement, our experts conclude a contract for making the agreement in a formal form. If the address of the debtor is not present, the address of the debtor can be identified by our solicitors after a thorough investigation. In some cases, it can be necessary to start a legal procedure to ensure that the debtor abides by his agreement if the proposal of the debtor is unacceptable for the creditor the collection procedure continues.

Debt Collection in cases of Insolvency

If the debtor has declared for insolvency, the amicable settlement may not be possible to achieve. However, this does not mean that your demanded debt is utterly lost. With our expertise, we can provide you assistance for minimizing your loss and take relevant steps at the right time. In this way, you can ensure that all preventive measures have been taken. Time is relatively important at this stage to take necessary measures in a prompt manner. As soon as Renvoi receives your request, we start to work closely on your case immediately and notify you in the shortest period. The scope of our

* Recall of goods delivered which the payment has not been made yet for, in that case, the clause on reserved rights of ownership must be included in your terms of delivery.
* Arranging possible insolvency petitions and attachments thereto with regards to Insolvency procedures.
* Valuing and storage of the attached goods – depending on thereto of the attached goods, you might prefer to sell them privately by your extensive sales apparatus.
* Taking care of all facts of the auctioning of goods, machines and/or real estate.